“Mrs. Ven Touch, 49 years old, was selected as the village bank president by the 15 people forming this group loan in Liek village in Kandal province, Cambodia. All members of this village group loan will use their portions of the loan to support their different purposes.”

“Mrs. Touch earns her living by tailoring at home and through this business, brings in a small income to support her family. Since her business is doing well, she wants to expand it and decided to ask for a loan to buy more fabric. Her husband, Mr. Sam Phorn, 55 years old, is a farmer who owns 1 hectare of land where he cultivates rice for a living. This couple has three children: one is a police officer and the others attend the local school.”—copy from the Kiva website.  

We have lent Mrs. Ven Touch $25.


Twelve people make up the village bank loan in Sman Muni village, Takeo province, Cambodia. “All the members have selected Mrs. Tep  Touch to become a village bank president. They will use their portion of the loan for different purposes in which it can improve their family living. Mrs. Tep Touch and her husband, Mr. Phal Chab, are farmers who own a plot of land where they grow rice to sell to support their family. Now they have some problem because her field is ready to grow rice, but they do not have enough money. So to improve production, Mrs. Tep Touch is applying for a loan to buy fertilizer and rice seed. She is a mother of five children, three of whom are employed in garment factories while the one is a construction worker and the youngest one is two year-old.”—Kiva website

We lent Mrs. Touch $25.


“Maria Chacha Guaquipana is 62 years old, she is married and she lives with her husband in Ventanas, a canton of the Los Ríos Province. She has 2 children.

Maria engages in agriculture, growing maize and rice. She buys her products in the Agro Servicios San Jacinto and sells them in the same place.

The loan she is requesting will be used to sow maize and rice by buying supplies and seeds, and to pay her workers. The loan will help her economically, as thanks to it she will fulfill her needs, as well as face challenges such as pests, illnesses and climate changes. She dreams of buying some land.”—Kiva website

We have lent Maria $25 for her business venture.


“Kellan Nyagoha is 49 years old and married; her husband works at The National AIDS Council. They have two children aged 19 and 13. Kellan owns a tailoring shop and makes dresses and tablecloths at the Eastleigh shopping centre in Nairobi [Kenya]. She has been in this business for 24 years now and has managed to provide employment to one person. She says that this business is profitable.  The only major challenges she has are financial constraints. However, she works very hard from early morning to late evening to keep her business doing well.  She is using her loan of 80,000 Kenyan Shillings to buy more materials to grow her business and meet the demand of her customers. In the future, she hopes to
be able to expand her business, buy a plot of land, and give a quality education to her children. She describes herself as hardworking and dedicated.”—Kiva website

We have lent Kellan $25.