The Minneapolis South Club will participate in its second year of Rotary Youth Exchange by hosting a high-school student from India.
The club will warmly welcome a 16-year-old girl from India who loves to read, enjoys art and is a competitive swimmer -- and hopes some day to be an architect or maybe a linguist.

She will arrive in Minneapolis in August, and stay through the school year, where she will attend a Minneapolis public high school in South Minneapolis. One of her fun goals for the year is to learn hip-hop dancing.

The Minneapolis South Rotary Club is looking for three South Minneapolis families willing to open their hearts and home to this young lady. Per the philosophy of Rotary Youth Exchange, students live in multiple families to experience different ways of life as well as to give maximum impact to the community. It's an exciting and rich learning experience for both host families and students.

"When you host an exchange student, you open your home to another culture. You see our way of life through another set of eyes and may be surprised at the differences," said Christine Anderson, who hosted a girl from India in her St. Louis Park home. "It's a chance to flatten the world a bit, and find all the commonalities we share with a young person from halfway around the world. It's a chance to both expand one's world perspective, as well as appreciate the humanness we all share, regardless of where we call home."  

Is your family interested in sharing four months of your life with an exchange student? Are you curious and want to learn more? Contact Lynn (Program Chair) or Curt (Youth Exchange Chair) via the home page of There is additional information at

"A host family will learn and get as much from the experience as the student," Anderson said. Besides, it's fun! The time passes fast. In no time at all, your job as a host mom / dad is over. But the bond you make with your inbound lives on and on."