Be a part of the most exciting, demanding and rewarding program for teenagers: Become a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in one of 30+ countries.

The Minneapolis South Rotary Club is now accepting applications for this program. Click on the "North Star Youth Exchange" tab on the left side of the screen for additional details.

Application And Timeline

Southwest Student Meeting: Sept. 24, during both lunch breaks
Washburn Student Meeting: Sept. 29, during both lunch breaks
Student/Parent Info Meeting: Oct. 6, 6:30 p.m. at Hosmer Library
Application Due Date: October 24, 2014
First Interview Date: Week of October 27 in Minneapolis
Second Interview Date: December 6 in Roseville 

Departure: July or August 2015

"I was interested in becoming an exchange student, so I started doing research on different exchange programs. When I looked at Rotary I noticed that it was really the only program that would set me up to have the best year I possibly can. I noticed that Rotary was great at preparing you for your exchange before you left, and I also always having your back while you are gone. Because I saw all the support that Rotary has for its exchange students, I knew that it would be the best choice for me."

--Laurel Bielinski, Southwest High, currently in Lucerne, Switzerland