Posted on Feb 05, 2023
Seeking: Teens interested in language, culture, travel, the greater world .... and adventure!
The Minneapolis South Rotary Club, in conjunction with Northstar Rotary Youth Exchange, is accepting applications for both SHORT TERM (summer 2024) and LONG TERM (academic year 2023-24) exchanges.
Learn more about this dynamic program.
Facebook, under Minneapolis Rotary Youth Exchange
1. Research! Think about whether North Star Rotary Youth Exchange is right for you. Check out other programs, and make a list of pros and cons. Read “The New Global Student” by Maya Frost. Talk to your school counselor, especially if you’re considering a junior or senior year, to discuss what you need to do to stay on track.
2. Join the Minneapolis Rotary Youth Exchange Facebook page for updates and information. Additional information is uploaded under “files.”
3. Fill out a Short- or Long-Term application at The district is 5950; the club is Minneapolis South.
4. Your application will be reviewed and an interview will be scheduled with the Minneapolis South Rotary Club in late November.
5. You will be informed if your advancement in the program when the committee has made its decision.
6. Learn more about Rotary -- come to a meeting.
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